Surrender to God

“Lord Jesus, I surrender to you now any sin in my life that permits Satan a foothold or influence over me. In the name of the Lord Jesus I call now to account all entities of the enemy that have any form of hold in or over me.

Lord Jesus, bind all these entities for this day and forbid them from interfering with me or my subconscious. By your greater power, cut off all their external communication and assistance and revoke all their ability or right to bring retaliation or threat against me for any reason, today and permanently. I place the shield of Jesus’ blood between all of them and me. In Jesus’ name I cancel all plans Satan and his army have made against me. Lord Jesus, place a seal of your blood on my subconscious, blocking all demonic contact today so that no new agreements can be made and bless my subconscious with safety, knowledge of the truth, courage, and healing. Jesus, fill me now with your presence and your Holy Spirit, and bring glory to God in my life this day. Amen.”


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